The New Unschooler

Nov 8

Guidance Counselors

I went to talk to my guidance counselor about dropping out yesterday, and she wasn’t totally against it. I mentioned unschooling briefly, and she thought that homeschooling isn’t the worst possible thing I could do, since my grades don’t reflect my knowledge or intelligence. My mom is pretty much on the same page as my guidance counselor, so I’ve got two people on my side. But, since my mom doesn’t have legal custody of me, I have to convince my grandma who thinks I’m throwing away my life. I’m making progress with her, though. We kind of talked about it, but she just tries to avoid the subject. It’s hard to talk to her when she believes the only way I can possibly succeed in life is if I conform to a one-size fits all system and train to do one thing every day until I die. No, thanks. There’s nothing I want to do in life that I need high school for. I am really grateful that my mom and my guidance counselor are supporting me because I don’t think I can do this without them.