The New Unschooler

Nov 8

College Homeschool Applications

When I tell people that I’ll be unschooling instead of completing high school, they usually say things along the lines of “I don’t like pickles on my burgers.” Most people I’ve talked to seem to think that it will be impossible for me to go to a good college without traditional school (except for my guidance counselor, who actually knows what she’s talking about). So I’ve been looking up the policies on homeschooling for some of the schools I liked at the NACAC college fair and some of the colleges saved on my College Board account and a lot of them have posted their homeschooling policies on their websites. I’ll have to call the admissions offices of those who don’t tomorrow. Fortunately, we don’t have school tomorrow because of the NJEA convention. Here’s the information I could find:

Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Bryn Mawr

The University of the Arts

Johns Hopkins University: Peabody Institute




I’ll be making a lot of phone calls tomorrow. Oh, well.